Jewish Impact Films is Returning!
Jewish Impact Films is a fellowship of young Jewish filmmakers, established in 2004 by leading Hollywood producers to empower young Jews to use creative media, specifically short internet-based films, to effectively communicate new messaging about Judaism and Israel. The original leadership of the program included David Sacks, Jason Venokur, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, Brian Ash, David N. Weiss, Michael Borkow and Daniel Kaufman. A typical JIF program teams 15 young Jews with a volunteer staff of industry professionals to create 30 short films over the course of a few weeks. The first two fellowships took place in Los Angeles during the summers of 2004 and 2005. The most recent programs took place in Jerusalem in winter 2006 and summer 2006. In addition to showcasing short films, the site was a gateway to more information about the subjects discussed in the films. We are in the process of re-launching our web site and re-establishing the fellowship program as a recurring, ongoing project. We plan to hold our next session during summer of 2015. Please check back regularly for an update on our progress and details of how to apply.